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Municipality presents mural of the National War in commemoration of the death of General José Dolores Estrada

To pay tribute to this defender of Nicaraguan sovereignty, the Municipality's Directorate of Historical Heritage, held on the morning of August 12 the presentation of the mural of the Nicaraguan National War of 1856-1857, an artistic work made by the young native painter from Diriamba, colleague Rolando Bojorge and advised by the historian, colleague Clemente Guido Martínez.

Present at this conference were the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, comrade Clemente Guido Martínez, director of Historical Heritage of the Municipality, members of the Military Academy "General of Division José Dolores Estrada Vado" of the Nicaraguan Army, representatives of the MINED , ANDEN and students from the Miguel De Cervantes National Institute.

The work measures 96 inches long x 48 inches wide, made in oil on canvas. The mural presents four national heroes of Nicaragua, declared by Law of the Republic: General José Dolores Estrada, Sergeant Andrés Castro, Professor Enmanuel Mongalo y Rubio, soldier Juan Santamaría and an illustration that shows the combatants of San Jacinto, very particularly to a Matagalpa Indian flechero, all of them heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto declared by law of the Republic.

It also shows the ridiculed face of William Walker, as well as the humiliating defeat of the filibusters at San Jacinto and other battles of the National War. General Estrada with his liberating sword breaks the chains of slavery of a Nicaraguan and a gigantic hand unrolls the parchment with the first Political Constitution in force in 1858 with which the Republican experience of Nicaragua began, after the Central American National War.

Mayor Rueda said that speaking of General José Dolores Estrada fills Nicaraguans with dignity and a few days after celebrating the Independence of Central America, different activities are carried out in homage to the Bicentennial, “once again we see how they have tried to attack the Peace, sovereignty and dignity of our peoples and it is always the same, we cannot allow aggressions to our country, to our Constitution, this mural is a small sample of affection and the importance of remembering our national heroes and today also remembering the 77th anniversary of the birth of Julio Buitrago, another example of life and selfless dedication, what fills us Nicaraguans with pride is the constant struggle of our Good Government of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo to consolidate and strengthen our peace".

Comrade Clemente Guido, affirmed that this mural not only commemorates the National War, but also the Independence of Central America, General José Dolores Estrada and the heroes of the National War of 1856 and will be located in the Carlos Fonseca museum in front of the National Stadium, a Starting in September of this year and along with this work, other commemorative murals of the Bicentennial of Independence, the national heroes of Nicaragua and the heroes and martyrs of the Revolution are being made.

The Municipality also delivered 4 educational discs to the authorities of the Mined and the Miguel De Cervantes Institute, which contain biographies of the national heroes, heroes and martyrs, Julio Buitrago and the History of Nicaragua, there are more than 360 books and digital magazines that can be used in laboratories.

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