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Good Government provides immediate response to families affected by the rains

In less than 24 hours, the families affected by the recent rains received the supportive support of the Good Government through the Municipality, which delivered the morning of this Monday, August 9, materials for the construction of 3 decent homes to the families of the lady. Zeneyda Díaz Ortega, Martha Calderón and Yolanda Galeano, in the 10 de Enero and Laureles Sur neighborhoods of District VII.

The materials were delivered by the Secretary General of the Capital Commune, Compañero Fidel Moreno, and members of the Sandinista Youth to the affected families, who received the support with great joy and thanked the immediate attention provided by the Good Government.

“This morning we are beginning the construction of three houses and the delivery of two additional roof plans to be able to restore these rights to families, but at the same time we make a call that at the beginning of the rains we always have to take precautionary measures, cleaning the drains of the houses, not throwing garbage in the street, so that there are no floods in other parts of the city, ”Moreno explained.

The capital official explained that the accumulated rain was not so high, however at the beginning of the rain there was a strong wind that caused damage in some parts of Managua, particularly in five houses, three of them with serious structural damage and in two cases they were damage by winds and the fall of a tree that damaged the roof of the house, one in District III and the other cases in District VII, ”Moreno pointed out.

Zeneyda Díaz Ortega, who lived moments of anguish, said that after the tragedy, the blessing arrived, a day after her birthday, where now together with her family, made up of two adults and two children, they will have better living conditions.

“I thank the government because it supports us in the face of the needs that one has. Thank God yesterday after my house fell, the Mayor's Office immediately came. At the time of the rain, as there was wind and my house was in poor condition, it fell down, ”said the victim.

Likewise, the protagonists Martha Calderón and Yolanda Galeano from the Laureles Sur neighborhood expressed their gratitude.

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