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Road improvement in Bello Horizonte advances

On the afternoon of this Monday, August 9, the Streets for the People 2021 Program carried out the asphalt surfacing in 4 blocks, which were in poor condition in the north of the Bello Horizonte residential area.

This road improvement work was supervised by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, who expressed the commitment of the Good Government to continue improving the living conditions of the capital's families, for which he added 412 blocks to this emblematic program, which had a projection initial 830 blocks; In other words, 1,242 new blocks are expected to be improved for this year.

He also announced that this project had an investment of 1 million 800 thousand córdobas and directly benefits more than 7 thousand inhabitants of this sector, located in District IV of the Capital.

He emphasized that these 4 blocks join 14 reworked blocks, in the first semester of the year, in this same community; In other words, in this year 2021, the Municipality has improved a total of 18 re-patterned blocks.

He concluded by detailing that, with this road improvement, the Streets for the People Program is advancing with 631 improved blocks of the 1,242 projected for this year.

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