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Municipality and National Police develop futsal league with at-risk youth from District I

The Mayor's Office of Managua in coordination with the Directorate of Youth Affairs (DAJUV) of the National Police, inaugurated the futsal tournament in the 19 de Julio neighborhood of District I, this Sunday, August 8, in which 12 teams from this sector participated. .

This sports morning was attended by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales and Deputy Commissioner Markelys Castañeda, head of the DAJUV Drug Prevention department, who attended and encouraged young people to practice this sports discipline.

The mayor of the capital said that soccer leagues that integrate young people from this neighborhood have been carried out for some time and that many of them are workers of the Oriental market.

"They are very hard-working companions, they are companions who recreate themselves, who relax on weekends participating in this league, which is now going to have an even greater push from the Mayor of Managua," said Armas, announcing that the champion team of the league, will have as a stimulus, to play in the fields of Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores, which were built by the Government of Commander Daniel to promote the sport.

Deputy Commissioner Castañeda stated that the police entity uses sports as a strategy to care for young people.

"We are committed to healthy recreation, quality recreation in the prioritized neighborhoods that Managua has, we develop different cultural, sports, recreational activities, they are neighborhoods that perhaps have a high rate of violence or perhaps there is drug use or sale. in the sector, then we bring recreation activities to give another space, another opportunity to the youth ”.

Byron José Palacios Rodríguez, goalkeeper of one of the participating teams said he was very happy with the support that the Government provides to youth through sports, guys to keep playing, we do it every Sunday ”, he commented.

The municipality gave the players soccer balls and stressed that these leagues are part of the great sports day that the Good Government is supporting throughout the country.

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