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Promisents of Santo Domingo accompany the Mocito in his procession to the Capital

The faith and fervor for Santo Domingo de Guzmán was greater than the fear that the pandemic could generate, this August 1 the promising people took to the streets from early hours to bring the Mocito de Las Sierritas to the Capital, paying their promises with the same love and the same dedication of all the previous years.

Lester Rodríguez, 32 years old, has 8 years of paying promise coming out as an Indian, full of black oil, he walks every year from Las Sierritas to the Church of Santo Domingo here in the Capital.

“When my son was born they put him in a tube, he was in intensive care for several days and I asked Santo Domingo to save him and he did the miracle, that's why I'm going to leave Indian and I'm going to dance to him until I die, I I know that El Mocito comes with us here, but Minguito knows that all of us who come here today venerate him and carry him in our hearts, ”said the promising man.

Erick López Gallo is that he has paid a promise for 5 years, because his son had meningitis and it was serious, only a miracle could save him.

"Last year I suffered, because I could not pay my promise, if it is true that we all have the Covid, but this year I could not let the same thing happen, Diosito gave it back to me because Santo Domingo interceded for him, my faith has to be bigger than fear and if all of us who come today ask Minguito from the bottom of our hearts to take this virus away, he will do a miracle for us ”.

Hundreds of parishioners gathered in the vicinity of the church to bring the Mocito in procession, the promisers and devotees once fulfilled the miracles received, love for the Patron Saint surpassed everything and at 6:00 in the morning he began his pilgrimage.

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