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The Traditionalist Shippers Committee of Managua celebrate their 50th Anniversary

With a t-shirt that says "Chargers always faithful, Managua always yours, Managua always faithful", carrying and dancing to the Mocito accompanied by philharmonic music and traditional gunpowder, this is how the Traditionalist Chargers Committee of Managua celebrated its 50 Anniversary of having been founded.

Before 6:00 in the morning the 150 porters were already in place, each one waiting for their turn to load and dance the Saint, during the procession to the Capital every so often, one of them was in charge of applying alcohol to the the hands of the porters and from the largest to the smallest they wore their masks.

El Mocito was transferred to the Capital with the same fervor, respect and love that these promiseers have carried in their hearts for 50 years.

José Alarcón, President of the Capital Shippers Committee, explained that in his heart respect, fervor and loyalty to Santo Domingo de Guzmán are stronger and more alive than ever.

“Today, we are fulfilling one more year with our promise, with our love for Santo Domingo and we are fulfilling 50 years of this tradition and if we ask Santo Domingo to take the Covid, he can perform the miracle for us, we will always remain faithful to Santo Domingo, ”said Alarcón.

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