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Capitalists celebrate the start of the patron saint festivities with a bullfighting afternoon and the sail of the ship

The traditional bullfight organized by the Las Vacas Culonas Committee in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua, in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in the San José Oriental neighborhood, summoned thousands of residents of the capital, this July 31 on the eve of departure from the Mocito to the capital.

The bullfighting afternoon brought together hundreds of young people who prepared to ride more than 30 bulls, brought by Don Camilo Membreño from Las Sierritas de Managua.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, along with Manuel Orozco, President of the Las Vacas Culonas Committee and Camilo Membreño, President of the La Roza del Camino Committee, confirmed that all sanitary measures were taken to hold the event, guaranteeing citizen safety.

“We have joined forces with all the committees to guarantee that families can celebrate all the traditional activities of Santo Domingo, we are also guaranteeing the sanitary measures guided by the Minsa and we call on all those who will participate in these festivities to take care of them, use masks and alcohol, the responsibility is everyone's, ”said Rueda.

While the ship made its traditional route in the San Judas neighborhood, the Minguito devotees in this area of the Capital took to the streets and gathered in front of the Chávez family house to dance to the sound of the philharmonics and wait for the food. and the famous chicha de las 7 quebradas, a tradition started by the remembered Lisímaco Chávez (RIP).

“We follow our grandfather's legacy of keeping the fervor of Santo Domingo alive, we continue to keep alive the traditions of our people, we have prepared more than 300 pounds of chicken and pork for the people who came today, the most important thing is that as traditionalists we are promoting and guaranteeing that people wear their masks ", were the words of Reymond Chávez, grandson of the traditionalist from La Vela del Barco.

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