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Elderly mother receives decent housing in the San Sebastián neighborhood

Guaranteeing better living conditions for the protagonist María Mercedes Orozco Treminio and her family, the Dignified Housing Program built a new home for them in the San Sebastián neighborhood, with the supportive support of the brotherly people and government of Taiwan.

The protagonist is elderly and all her life worked on her own and in the last 10 years the materials of her house were zinc, wood and plastic, which each winter were vulnerable to the rains, in addition to this, the protagonist Two years ago, he suffered from facial paralysis, which strongly affected his health and his ability to work.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, stated that this case was a priority, because the vulnerability and the precarious conditions of the house affected the physical security of Doña María Mercedes.

“Today thanks to the political will of our government, we are transforming the life of a woman who all her life was a hard worker, very hard to get her children ahead, when it rained the water ran all over the house. With this house we have improved the lives of 20 families in this neighborhood, thanks to the efforts of Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo to guarantee security and tranquility to Nicaraguans, we recognize and appreciate the support of Taiwan for accompanying this project ", said the mayor of the capital.

Mr. Iván Lo, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Taiwan, accompanying this new installment, expressed feeling happy to share the joy of a new family that receives their home, stressed that this is the result of the joint work between his country and the Nicaraguan authorities .

"Seeing how the lives of the protagonists change is impressive, seeing how they lived before and how they will live now is gratifying and that is only possible when working together, joining forces with the same objective," said the diplomatic representative.

Doña María Mercedes thanked the government and the Mayor's Office for transforming her life when she needed it most.

“I have no words to thank the Commander, I am happy and grateful to God in the first place and to my President for making the dream of having my home come true, now we will start a new life, I have 40 years of living here and in the last 10 years , the walls that we had were plastic and zinc, today all that remains in the memory thanks to my President ", said the protagonist.

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