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Mercado Oriental maintains excellent prices on all its products

In celebration of Julio Victororioso, the month of the Revolution, the merchants of the Oriental market maintain discounts and weekend promotions on furniture, appliances, clothing, footwear and products of the basic basket within the reach of the capital's families' pockets, as part of of the discount festival "Todo por Amor, Todo con Amor en Victorias y Esperanzas", prices that will also be maintained on the eve of the August festivities.

On the morning of this Friday, July 23, the Secretary of the Managua Council, colleague Jennifer Porras López, made a tour of the different furniture and appliance businesses, located from La Caimana 1 block to the lake and verified the variety of merchandise and the low prices .

"We are accompanying and giving that security, that peace to the more than 100 thousand visitors who pass through this market daily, also the accompaniment and direct support that we have for the 18 thousand merchants who have sections, between fixed and temporary, who maintain their constant work from very early, ”said Porras.

Likewise, he reiterated that this shopping center has 60 permanent workers, who perform cleaning tasks from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon, it is also accompanied by a security body of 20 personnel from the National Police and a private market security group, made up of 200 colleagues, organized into 12 vigilance groups, so that families can safely attend to make their purchases.

Within the cleaning plan, 3,200 cubic meters of garbage are evacuated daily, a continuous practice that is carried out to provide support to merchants and guarantee quality in care for Nicaraguan families and all sanitary hygiene measures, with the use of masks and the handwashing.

For their part, the merchants invited families to visit the municipal markets where they offer good, fair and solidarity prices, as stated by Carlos Meneses from the Alfa & Omega Furniture Store and William Lenin Leiva from the La Zona appliance business.

"We offer sofas, wardrobes, beds, with competitive prices, promotional, fan model sofas at 4,800 cordobas, Sinai style from 6,500 cordobas, Olympia and Capri beds from 4,500 cordobas," said Meneses.

The merchant Leiva, indicated that they have a variety of products from a range for babies, white goods and are characterized by being a store that offers quality merchandise, "we have kitchens from 4,500 cordobas, kitchens, washing machines, we wait for the entire population to come with pleasure ”.

The discount fairs will continue, as part of the model promoted by the Good Governance of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, with the aim of promoting economic and commercial dynamism in all markets of the country and with the aim of continuing to advance and conquering more Victories.

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