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Managua kicks off with the Santo Domingo de Guzmán Festivities

The organizing committee of the patron saint festivities in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, made up of the Mayor's Office of Managua, the National Police and the traditionalist porters, announced the morning of this July 23 at a press conference, the activities that will take place in fervor to the Patron Saint of the Capital.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, stressed that this year the image of the Mocito will make the journey that historically and traditionally the faithful devotees to Minguito have taken and due to the current circumstances of pandemic and assuming the recommendations of the Good Government through the Ministry of Health (MINSA) to implement precautionary measures, other forms of celebration of the patron saint festivities have been adapted, “for families who cannot physically accompany us, we will be on the different digital platforms such as Santo Domingo de Guzmán on Facebook, on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube ”.

From these platforms, families will be able to follow up on all the activities that will take place in faith, love and veneration of the Patron Saint, historical data of the tradition and the miracles that this tiny image has done since it was discovered, will be revealed. they will broadcast virtual concerts, the Mocito tours and the election of the Queen of the Patron Saint Festivities.

The General Commissioner, Fernando Borge, Second Chief of the National Police in Managua, reiterated the commitment of this entity to safeguard the safety of all those promising and recalled the recommendations not to carry firearms or stab weapons in these traditional and religious activities. to Minguito, people who drive their vehicles should not drink alcoholic beverages and yes, they should give priority to people who walk on foot, likewise respect the traffic signs and the police who are regulating the passage, in addition he remembered to be extremely careful in the transfer and handling of gunpowder.

For his part, Marlon Carranza, prosecutor of the Chargers Committee, expressed on behalf of all, the joy of participating in the patron saint festivities of this 2021, in which they celebrate 50 years of having been founded as a committee of traditionalist chargers and assured that these festivities They will be carried out with respect and taking into account the preventive measures against the pandemic, "we make the call to use the mask, to use alcohol and keep our distance so that we can be successful, the success of this party is going to be that nobody is going to get sick, that we are going to dedicate it to asking God and Santo Domingo to have a healthy celebration ”.

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