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Construction of the Bicentennial Park of the Independence of Central America advances

This Thursday, July 22, comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua made a supervision visit to the construction of the Bicentennial Park of the Independence of Central America, a project that to date has a 70% of progress.

Comrade Moreno said that the preliminary works have already been concluded, as well as the works that have to do with electrical and communications connections; Therefore, it is expected that this project will be concluding at the end of August and will be ready in September, for the commemorations of the bicentennial.

He expressed that this new park is being built to honor the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Central America, a work that is part of the urban landscape of Managua; In addition, it will be a new space for the enjoyment of Nicaraguan families, which is incorporated into the historic center of the city, as well as the cultural, recreational, sports and family entertainment center.

The design of this park is built on a natural space with abundant vegetation, where a walk will be built, in which you will enjoy a tour that will have 2 main bodies of water, representing the nature of our beautiful Nicaragua, with its 2 beautiful great lakes, but also symbolizing the 2 centenary of the Independence of Central America, collecting the essential elements of life, such as air, fire, water and peace.

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