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Dignified Housing Program benefits a family from the Las Jagüitas region

The Dignified Housing Program built a home in the Las Jagüitas region for the protagonist Nereyda Lizeth Vallecillo, who along with her three children will live safely in her new home.

Vallecillo is self-employed and his house was about to collapse because its structure was 41 years old. In recent years, every time winter entered, the level of danger and vulnerability of this family increased. 

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained that the delivery of this house is possible thanks to the political will of the Good Government led by Commander Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo and the fraternity of the people and government of China (Taiwan). At the same time, he confirmed that with this program in this region the lives of 17 families have been transformed.

“With the delivery of this house, love and solidarity triumph one more day, the house of Doña Nereyda was about to collapse, little by little we have been taking families out of critical situations and points, thanks to the dedication of our Sandinista Government and the solidarity of the brothers in Taiwan ”.

The Ambassador of Taiwan, Jaime Chin Mu Wu, expressed feeling happy to accompany this new delivery of housing and share these moments of joy, reiterating the commitment of his Government to continue accompanying these efforts of the Government of Nicaragua, which bring Peace, Hope and Security , restoring the rights of Nicaraguan families. 

"We are witnesses of how this love program has been changing the lives of families, we are witnesses of the efforts made by the government of President Ortega to combat poverty with all the social programs that are carried out throughout the country."

The Protagonist who works washing and ironing expressed her joy because the water will no longer enter her house when it rains.

“I feel happy, because I have a new house for my children, before I lived in a house made of rubble made of nicalit, zinc and now we are going to live happily and calmly with our new house, thanks to Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo, they I thank on behalf of my children for building us this house. It is the only government that has supported me, no other has ”.

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