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Iván Montenegro merchants celebrate the Day of Happiness with a discount fair and the construction of a new gallery

The municipal authorities and the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market celebrated the morning of July 17, the Day of Happiness and the 42nd anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution, with a festival of discounts and the delivery of a new galley for 15 workers on your own in this shopping center.

The Secretary of the Capital City Council, Jennifer Porras López made a tour and highlighted that from the early hours the merchants are celebrating the dignity and patriotism of Nicaraguans with the supply of products and solidarity prices, in addition to "different commemorative activities of this date historical, in which Nicaragua fought for a long time against the Somoza tyranny, "he said.

"Today we deliver sections of 19 linear meters to 15 merchants who were located in the dairy sector and who for a long time have demanded better conditions and within the Investment Plan as Mayor of Managua for the markets, it is to guarantee to all the merchants and all those who visit us decent conditions and what else on this date, with great joy we are going to deliver this first stage ", reported Porras.

Likewise, the Secretary of the Council affirmed that work will continue on the ordering of the Iván Montenegro market, with a second stage of delivery to 30 more entrepreneurs.

Maura López, merchant and one of the beneficiaries of this new gallery, gave words of gratitude to the Good Government for the support it provides to the merchants, “I thank God and Commander Daniel Ortega and our Compañera Rosario for my procedure, after so much time of enduring sun and rain, now I am indoors ”.

Similarly, Gerald Francisco Chávez, who sells vegetables and fruits in this market, said, "Thank you very much for this blessing, now we have a place where we can better display our products, we will no longer have our sale on the ground."

The merchants were happy to receive their new workspaces and invited families to visit this new gallery, where they will offer their customers perishables, clothing, fast food, among other products, at affordable prices.

The municipal authorities also announced that to guarantee better environmental safety for both merchants and visitors, the Capital District will begin the construction of a waste collection facility, which has been one of the most felt demands in this shopping center.

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