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Streets for the People Program built 534 blocks in the first half of the year


So far this year, the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Streets for the People Program, has delivered 534 blocks to families in the capital, this means 64 percent of the proposed goal for 2021, as confirmed by municipal authorities during a tour of the Los López neighborhood in District VII, this Wednesday, July 14.

In this neighborhood, the asphalt coating of a little more than 6 blocks is executed, which will be ready before July 19 in celebration of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.

The Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno, specified that this has been possible thanks to the fact that they have not had significant interruptions typical of the rainy season.

“Calles para el Pueblo continues to be an emblematic program and all the streets we visit have had an important reception by families, especially because it changes their lives, this project will build 6 new blocks of streets that benefit more than 2,000 protagonists, with an investment of around 6 million córdobas ”.

With these new paved blocks, the Streets for the People Program reached 64 percent progress.

"The winter has been fairly regular now, we have not had surprises and logically that allows us to maintain the level of progress, of confidence, we are fully convinced that we will complete the total 830 blocks possibly before the end of November, which would mean a success for us, with these 6 blocks we achieved a reach of 534 blocks completed ”.

Moreno reported that the Municipality is working on additional projects for 2021, as part of the programs to restore the rights of the people.

Lesbia Brenes has lived in the neighborhood for 35 years and she and the community celebrate this work, which for most families is a dream come true.

“We are happy, we are grateful to our President, because we have waited for these streets for more than 30 years, this is the dream come true for those of us who live in this neighborhood, the kids pass through here every day to go to school, people to go to their jobs, the caponiers before did not want to go through here and now they take you to the door of your house, only the government of the Sandinista front can do these things, ”said Brenes.

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