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Dignified Housing Program builds a house for a family affected by fire in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood


The Dignified Housing Program built a new home for Mrs. Reyna Isabel Bejarano Soza, in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, since her previous house was destroyed by a fire last month.

The protagonist, who is elderly and works as a home assistant, will live with her son under a safe roof from now on.

The house was inaugurated in a cultural environment full of human warmth, the protagonist's neighbors celebrated the beginning of a new life for this family, which for 20 years lived in vulnerability.

“The joy of living in peace allows us to move forward, the joy of living in peace allows us to meet and celebrate as a family this restitution of rights for our sister, who for years has been in an extreme situation of vulnerability, this environment of peace allows us continue working to transform the lives of hundreds of families. Today, more than a house, this program returns our sister to tranquility and security, this is the 73rd house to be built in the neighborhood ”reported Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua .

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu, highlighted the importance of this program that has transformed the lives of families, offering them new opportunities and new dreams.

“We are witnesses of the effort made by the Government of Commander Daniel with this love program that has been lifting hundreds of families out of extreme vulnerability, the house of Doña Reyna Isabel was damaged by a fire and the Mayor's Office built her house quickly, now they will be able to live and sleep peacefully, that is why we are going to continue supporting this program and all the programs promoted by the Government to combat poverty ”.

Doña Reyna Bejarano in the last 20 years has worked to raise her youngest son and with the domestic salary she did not allow her to make renovations to her house.

“I feel happy because for years I work to guarantee food and everything my son needs. He is 21 years old, but he has a disability and it only depends on me, my financial situation did not allow me to fix the house, and when it burned I felt heartbroken because I have no way to buy materials, so I thank God for this opportunity and my President because if it weren't for him I would continue posing with my son at my brother's house, only Daniel, he has been the only one who cares about people of the neighborhoods ”.

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