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Final of the Women's Softball Championship "Victorious Mothers ALMA"


This Saturday, July 3, the last game of the women's soccer championship "Madres Victoriaas ALMA" was held, in its second edition, at the "Hugo Chávez Frías" baseball stadium.

The finalist teams were: Las Hermanas de Pochocuape vs Las Felinas de Masaya, the Las Hermanas team being crowned champions by knockout in the 4th inning, this is the second time they have won the championship.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado highlighted the success of the Municipality in promoting sport, which has allowed the recruitment and training of 1,770 children and adolescents in the different municipal academies.

“We are very happy with the results in each of the sports disciplines, it has been a very successful year. Today we are celebrating the second edition of the women's softball championship, Madres Victoriaas ALMA, this second championship is called, we spent 6 months playing, since November 2020, there were 18 teams, with 20 rallies each of the teams, for a total of 360 baseball players, they are women mothers from different institutions, they are self-employed workers and many of them are mothers of children who are in the Baseball Academies, all of them are mothers, working women, fighters who have raised their children and also are athletes ”, explained Mayor Rueda.

Jarriton Vega, coach of Las Hermanas de Pochocuape, celebrated because his team played a great game in this championship, “we are in the first place repeating, because this is the champion team of last season. Thank God we won and celebrate now, because they deserve it ”.

For his part, Ivett López, pitcher of the winning team, shared his happiness “I feel very happy for having won the championship, I said that I was going to give it all for my team, we are very excited, there were many teams with whom we have come fighting and we reached the final, thanks to the support of my Lord Jesus Christ and the Mayor's Office. He invited women to join in and experience this sport, which is very beautiful ”.  

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