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Comuna Capitalina builds a new road corridor between District I and III in the Óscar Turcios neighborhood


The Mayor's Office of Managua is building a new road corridor that will link Districts I and III of the Capital, the project is in the final phase and users of this road will be able to circulate from East to West, as reported by Secretary General Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the Road Improvement Project, which consists of 3 new blocks with hydraulic concrete in the Óscar Turcios Sur neighborhood, located in District I, through the Streets for the People Program.

The construction of these streets directly benefits more than 8 thousand protagonists, because in this area there is a health post and 4 primary and secondary schools.

Moreno explained that this new corridor is made up of two road improvement projects that are being executed simultaneously and are being built, one in the Pablo Sexto neighborhood of District III and the other in Óscar Turcios in District I, both projects will be inaugurated in 40 days approximately.

“The work is progressing very well, we are more or less 60 percent complete; We have shared with the families that they are happy with its development, with these three blocks, we would be completing 501 blocks of the Streets for the People Program as we said yesterday, we were at 60 percent, with this we advanced a little more than 60.3 percent, which is beneficial because we are closing half the year with an advance of over 60 percent, which augurs well for our annual goals, ”explained the official from the capital.

Moreno stressed that in the Óscar Turcios neighborhood sector, they have built 15 blocks of streets with an investment that exceeds 26 million córdobas, also highlighted that in recent years in this neighborhood, they have been doing works once a year, to times every two years.

This road improvement project is accompanied by an important drainage component, and has an investment that exceeds 6 million córdobas.

Manuel Coronado, a resident of the neighborhood, has lived in this part of the Capital for more than 30 years and stated that these streets were the dream of a lifetime and that today they are a reality.

“All our lives we dream of these streets and thanks to the Good Government of our President Daniel Ortega, today they are a reality, which brings great development for all families, because the routes will pass through here and that brings an economic improvement for the neighborhood. ”.

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