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Municipality inaugurates monument park in tribute to comrade Bismarck Martínez


In commemoration of the third anniversary of the passing to immortality of comrade Bismarck de Jesús Martínez Sánchez, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, inaugurated on the morning of June 29, a community park in homage to the Hero of Love and Peace, located in the Colonia Centroamérica.

At the same time, a plaque was unveiled in his memory, the new work was blessed by Bishop Bismarck Carballo, who extended a prayer for his soul.

The commemorative act included the participation of the musical group Camilo Zapata and was chaired by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, the Secretary of the Capital Council, Jennifer Porras López, family and friends of the Sandinista comrade and militant Bismarck .

The mayor of the capital Reyna Rueda highlighted the dedication, commitment and humility of the comrade for defending the revolution, the achievements and advances of the Nicaraguan people, “he was a revolutionary who did not give up, did not get tired and there he was standing giving those words of encouragement, He was a fraternal, humble companion, a brother who put teamwork first and joined each of the efforts, ”he stressed.

Likewise, Rueda added that the name of Bismarck Martínez is light, it is hope and it is love for Nicaraguan families, "and our commitment as revolutionary militants is to transcend, to continue defending the achievements of our people."

The family of the Hero of Peace highlighted that the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity today celebrates the memory, loyalty, commitment of love and legacy of Bismarck Martínez with programs of lots and social housing that guarantee families a dignified and safe place to live.

“We now see this great project of love, of decent housing for many families who previously did not have a roof, they are happy, because the children are going to grow up there and they are the fruits of that seed, which perhaps he wanted to disappear, but this seed he has been growing more and more, in each victory and in each achievement that we see in the municipalities, in the inaugurations of streets, schools, in each one of those projects he is being born ”, said the daughter of comrade Bismarck, Mirlen Martínez.

In the same way, his widow, Mirlen Méndez, thanked God for giving strength to the whole family, as well as to Good Government because thanks to the projects they promote on his behalf, Bismarck Martínez is present, “physically he is not there, but it is in our hearts and lives forever ”.

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