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Families of the Villa Miguel Gutiérrez neighborhood enjoy their new streets


On the afternoon of this Monday, June 28, the inauguration of 3 alleys that were previously in their natural state was carried out in the Villa Miguel Gutiérrez neighborhood of District VI, through the Streets for the People Program, where the residents of the sector and the municipal authorities made the ribbon cutting that will benefit 832 families.

The 3 alleys represent 3,500 square meters that are equivalent to approximately 6 blocks and their lining has an investment of 4 million 811 thousand 936 córdobas.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, explained that currently the Villa Miguel Gutiérrez neighborhood has only the main streets covered and as of this year the alleys that are on the ground will continue to be covered.

““ This neighborhood has changed a lot, for the better, it has made a lot of progress, we have been working in this community since 2009 and to date we have invested 17 million 203 thousand 309 córdobas in road improvement projects, storm drainage and 4 houses have been built dignified and we are going to continue working, not only here, but in other areas of the District, ”said Armas.

Likewise, the mayor of the capital announced that the Streets for the People Program begins the work week with 475 blocks served, which represents 58 percent progress.

The children, youth and adults were very happy, because now they will be able to enjoy their new streets with better vehicular and pedestrian access.

“This has been a dream of 44 years that Villa Miguel Gutiérrez is founded, we thank our Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, who remember the poor that we had dirt streets, this is reality, they are not words, they are facts ”, expressed Mrs. Martha Elena Gadea.

In the same way, said Doña Aura Lila Alvarado, 83, mother of the hero and martyr Miguel Gutiérrez, “too happy, I had never seen anything like it, a president who did something here, people who come from abroad do not need more, because here there is everything ”.

The Municipality also executes road improvement works in the Waspán Sur, Santa Elena, Camilo Chamorro, Reyna Sofía, Ciudad Belén and Pista Sabana Grande neighborhoods.

With the 2021 Streets for the People Program, it will make an investment of 15 million cordobas and the benefited neighborhoods are: Villa José Benito Escobar, Hugo Chávez, B 15, José Dolores Estrada, La Primavera and Villa Dignidad.

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