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Fresh products at stable prices in the Municipal Markets


On the morning of this Friday, June 25, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, toured the meat, vegetable, vegetable and grocery sectors of the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, where she checked the supply and price stability of all products .

Likewise, the merchants invited Nicaraguan families to visit and buy their products in the municipal markets, where they will be offered many offers, fresh products and low prices.

The merchant Nelson Velásquez invited families to buy their products within reach of their pockets, "we have the red dot potato at 12 cordobas per pound, the chayotes at 5, the large cabbage at 25 and the purple onion at 20 cordoba per pound."

Likewise, in the meat sector, the merchant Maryuri Herrera, said that fresh, quality and discount product is sold, she mentioned that the pork post is sold at 70 cordobas per pound, the rib at 75, the loin at 78 and the pork bone at 15 cordobas per pound.   

For her part, Mayor Reyna Rueda stated that during this visit she confirmed that hygienic sanitary measures are being maintained to prevent diseases; In addition, days of fumigation and abatement continue to be carried out.   

This visit is carried out in compliance with the citizen power model, which promotes direct and permanent communication with the merchants of the 8 municipal markets, to learn about the different situations and implement actions that benefit both merchants and buyers.

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