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Paved streets on the main road of the 19 de Febrero neighborhood

The inhabitants of the 19 de Febrero neighborhood located in District VI, joyfully celebrated the construction of 3 new blocks that were paved on the main street of the neighborhood, through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), this road improvement project had a investment of 2 million córdobas and benefits 1,233 protagonists.

In addition to removing the puddles and undermining the main street, this new work benefits the residents who attend the neighborhood medical post.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales explained to the residents that with this project the neighborhood is covered by 40 percent and the goal of the Municipality for next year is to cover it at 100 percent.

“On the instructions of Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, this project was carried out on the main street that benefits all those who go to the health post and the children who go to school, this street is traveled by residents of three neighborhoods, but next year we are going to cover it 100 percent, with the aim that the neighborhoods most vulnerable to the rains are prioritized ”.

At the same time, he reported that the neighborhoods benefited in District VI by the Streets for the People Program are Villa José Benito Escobar, Hugo Chávez, B 15, José Dolores Estrada, La Primavera and Villa Dignidad.

Domingo Díaz Mercado has lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and he thanked the government, because the construction of these streets put an end to the danger every time winter arrived.

"We are happy because our problems are over when it rains, I had a little ramp here in front of my house and the rain unraveled it, gentlemen who use a cane or wheelchair escape from falling, when they go to the health center and thanks to our President that is over ”.

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