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Residents of the Las Torres neighborhood have 10 new streets of the road network


With the objective of guaranteeing the 2,800 inhabitants of zone C of the Las Torres neighborhood better conditions of access and road circulation, the Mayor's Office of Managua built 10 blocks of asphalt streets, the road improvement project was carried out through the Plan of Annual Investment (PIA) and the Streets for the People Program, the work had an investment of 3 million 816 thousand 125 córdobas.

When delivering the project to the community in the middle of a cultural gala, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, said that this is how the joy of living in peace is demonstrated, celebrating the restitution of rights as a family.

“Walking through dignified streets is part of the commitment that our Good Government assumed, with Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, the commitment to bring better living conditions to families, every day we are going to advance a little more and the priority is the most vulnerable neighborhoods ”, declared Mayor of Capitalina.

Rueda explained that this neighborhood has been served since 2008 and to date 73 decent homes have been delivered and other projects such as water and sanitation, electricity, rainwater drainage and Streets for the People, which for this year the Mayor's Office will invest more than 29 million cordobas in District IV.

Doña Nicolasa Navarro, a resident of Las Torres, grew up in this neighborhood and said that these streets are a dream that they have waited for all their lives.

“Only Commander Daniel has cared for poor people, there is no other president better than him, this neighborhood was marginalized for more than 40 years and he changed the lives of those of us who live here, these streets are a dream that we all wait for. life, ”Navarro said.

This year the residents of the Las Torres neighborhood benefited from two road improvement projects and storm drainage. Once the two projects are inaugurated, 22 new blocks will have been built in this neighborhood. At the end of the week, the Calles para el Pueblo Program has an advance of 58 percent with 475 blocks served.

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