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Comuna Capitalina executes road and storm drainage works on the Larreynaga Track


The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carries out, through its Annual Investment Plan (PIA), three storm drainage projects and one for roads in the extension of the Larreynaga Track, these projects are executed simultaneously and are located in front of the urbanizations of Ciudad Belén, Villa Dignidad, Monte Nebo and Villa de Santiago.

The drainage works are aimed at capturing rainwater and taking it to the new micro-dam that is being built in front of Ciudad Belén, which will be ready in approximately 40 days.

During the tour to evaluate the progress of the works, the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that in the last two years the Commune has carried out 7 necessary projects to protect the inhabitants of the aforementioned urbanizations.

“In the last two years, the Municipality has invested in the southeast area of the airport a little more than 238 million córdobas in 7 projects of storm drainage, roads and sanitation that protect the lives of 4,400 families that live in the urbanizations of the City. Belén, Monte Nebo and Villa de Santiago, all this urban development that we have been building allows the houses that are already inhabited to be safe, we are talking about more than 20 thousand people, plus another ten thousand additional houses that we are going to build, they are works essential that allow better road connectivity, have sanitation works and drainage works according to the needs of Managua ”.

Moreno explained that the new reservoir will prevent rainwater from reaching the Carretera Norte, which is the lower part of the city, avoiding flooding in the neighborhoods near the airport.

“We are building the Belén micro-dam, which will have a capacity of 120 thousand cubic meters and will be ready in the next 40 days, additionally we are simultaneously building a sand trap, some gutters that will lead the current to this reservoir, with this we avoid let the current reach the lower part of the city ”.

The drainage works and the construction of a little more than 3 blocks of hydraulic concrete streets, in front of Ciudad Belén, is carried out through the PIA and has an investment of almost 17 million córdobas.

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