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Lining of the La Primavera riverbed in its seventh stage is 60 percent complete


The seventh stage of lining the La Primavera riverbed is progressing satisfactorily, until this Tuesday, June 22, the stabilization of the riverbed has been 60, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour to evaluate the scope of the works.

The capital official reported that the work has an investment of 10 million córdobas and benefits 11,220 inhabitants.

“This time we are visiting the La Primavera riverbed, which has a route of almost 2 kilometers and we are covering it in stages, this is the seventh 150-meter stage and every year we invest in this riverbed in such a way that we reduce vulnerability, stabilizing the walls, since the water flow is very large and at different points we had the possibilities of overflowing and the water undermining and exposing the families that live next to it ”, said the Secretary.

Around this channel there are three neighborhoods: La Primavera, Villa Vallarta and La Primavera Annex and every time its flow overflowed, it endangered the surrounding homes and since stabilization began, a critical point in the District was eliminated. SAW.

Moreno confirmed that the Municipality from 2013 to date has carried out 13 projects in this neighborhood, with an investment of a little more than 170 million cordobas, benefiting 1,870 families.

This project is part of the 83 drainage projects that the Municipality executes simultaneously through this year's Annual Investment Plan, which is 92 percent complete.

Beatriz Sánchez has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and ensures that the danger to children who attend classes has already been eliminated.

“This project is a great achievement for the community, here there is a school, a health center nearby and every time it rained, the children who go to classes were in danger of being swept away by the current, only our government could find a solution for this We know that the work has to be done little by little, every year, because the channel is very large and it is a lot of money, but our government is building there with the resources it manages to obtain, ”added Sánchez.

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  1. Manuel Ramón
    January 17, 2024

    Tres días consecutivos llevo de ir a la alcaldía D6, para Partida D nacimiento. El bendito sistema caído y sus funcionarios de pajistologo en vez de gestionar a la central, tuve que venirme otra vez sin la P.N.


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