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Sector 17 neighborhood with all its paved streets


More than 1 thousand inhabitants of the Sector 17 neighborhood, in District V of the Capital, benefited from the road improvement, which was carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, through the Streets for the People 2021 Program.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, presided over the opening ceremony of this work of progress and with the cutting of the ribbon, he gave the new streets to the beneficiary community.

When addressing those present, the capital city municipality announced that this project consists of the asphalt surfacing of 7 blocks of streets and the investment required for its execution was 2 million 18 thousand cordobas.

Likewise, the mayor of the capital shared that this work will give quality of life to this area of the city, which for decades had dirt streets and now the community will be able to move more comfortably and vehicle owners will use these new streets as alternate roads. to move to the Manolo Morales hospital, the Roberto Huembes market and other nearby businesses.

The resident Sebastián Urbina said he felt happy because they will no longer walk on dirt streets with rocky areas that there used to be, “Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario have given these new streets for us the poor, in this neighborhood there are no more dirt streets, they have complied, ”he stressed.

Similarly, Mrs. Teresa Mendoza expressed her happiness and thanked the Good Government for the project it carried out in the neighborhood, "now one can walk better, now these streets are beautiful," commented the protagonist.

At the end, the municipal authority detailed that to date, the Streets for the People Program has made a significant advance of 58 percent, which represents 475 blocks of streets completed in Managua and throughout 2021, the road network will continue to be improved in the neighborhoods Grenada, Vistas del Xolotlán, Sócrates Sandino, among other sectors of District V.

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