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Lions of the Mayor's Office and Brumas in the fight for the championship


The Alexis Argüello Sports Center witnessed the first game of the Final Series of the Carlos Ulloa In Memoriam National Basketball Tournament, between the Lions of the Managua Mayor's Office and the Brumas de Jinotega, the best of five games.

The Brumas de Jinotega hit first in the match by beating the Lions 55-37 who could not roar at home and before their fans who came to support them in the Latin American basketball cathedral.

The second game of the series was played this Sunday, June 20 at the Brumas de Jinotega home, on the Otto Casco Court, the scene of a great match from start to finish, where the Lions of the Managua Mayor's Office won in overtime 71 -64 to the Jinotegano team and tied the series at 1.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, said that this tournament revived basketball, "we are starting a final to 5 games that can be extended, including 3 weekends we reach the fifth game".

"We are talking about a team like Jinotega that has Mr. Ángel Ballona as coach and the Managua team has Noel Mckenzie as director with players from the national team," said Armas.

This weekend the third game of the series will be played at the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park and the fourth will be played on Sunday at the Otto Casco field in the city of Jinotega.

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