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Municipality builds storm drainage system and new streets in the Marcos Somarriba neighborhood of District III


The inhabitants of the Marcos Somarriba neighborhood were benefited by the project carried out by the Municipality, through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), with storm drainage and road improvement works, the project has 61 percent progress and next week begins the second component is the lining of the streets.

In about 30 days it will be inaugurated, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno during a tour in which he verified that it has a good pace of execution.

“This project has two components, one for storm drainage and the other for roads, everything that is drainage has already been completed, more than 80 meters of pipe were installed, 4 visitor wells were built and next week with the Streets Program for the Town will make the second component, 3 blocks will be lined with hydraulic concrete, with these new streets the temporary flooding that occurred every time it rained is eliminated, ”stated Moreno.

The work has an investment of 5 million 636 thousand 127 córdobas and benefits 1,056 inhabitants.

Regarding the execution of the Streets for the People Program, Moreno confirmed that this week the program closes with 58 percent progress, with 475 blocks completed.

Gina Petters came to the capital from the Caribbean Coast 35 years ago and she and the residents of the neighborhood thank the central government for these new streets that they have waited for all their lives.

“Happy, we are happy, because the water will never come into our houses again, I have 35 years of living in this neighborhood and this is a dream that only our President could make come true, and as long as he is the President and is in We are going to support that chair, because it has been the only one that brings changes to the neighborhoods where it is most needed, ”said Petters.

The Municipality has been carrying out projects in the Marcos Somarriba neighborhood since 2009 and to date it has invested 23 million, 671 thousand 483 córdobas in road projects, storm drainage and containment works, to protect 221 families.

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