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Comuna of the capital carries out a preparation exercise to protect life in the market Roberto Huembes


The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in conjunction with the Municipal Corporation of Managua Markets (COMMEMA), SINAPRED and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), carried out on the morning of this Thursday, June 17, a preparation exercise to protect the life in multi-threat situations in the populous Roberto Huembes Market.

The main objective of this exercise was for merchants, visitors and workers to be alert in order to be able to evacuate themselves and protect themselves in security zones established in the market, in the event of any emergency situation.

The exercise was carried out in four scenarios, to put into practice the measures to be taken and it was demonstrated that the constant implementation of actions to respond to adverse events in the 8 markets of Managua, has obtained its results, announced the Mayor of the Capital, Reyna Alvarado Wheel.

Likewise, he said that the brigades are prepared to respond first-hand, before the arrival of the institutions, "this is the result of the efforts to prepare the local brigades that safeguard the lives of the capital's brothers and sisters," he shared. Wheel.

For his part, the PAHO representative, José Luis Pérez, reported that it is a good job that is being done together, “this is part of the project that PAHO started last year, in one of the most important markets in the country, to turn it into a safe and healthy shopping center, we want Roberto Huembes to be an example ”.

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