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Capital markets announce solidarity prices on all their products


This weekend, families will be able to shop at the Wholesale Market with great discounts on beef, chicken and pork, thanks to the solidarity prices promoted by the merchants of this shopping center, in view of the festivities and preparations for the Father's day.

During a tour of the meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable galleries, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, explained that this weekend and next there will be accessible prices of American chicken at 24 cordobas a pound, 42 for half a chicken , while the pound of red meat is found from 60 to 75 cordobas.

At the same time, I inform that the supply of all products is 100 percent, along with the health measures established by the authorities of the Ministry of Health, to guarantee the safety of the public.

The festival of discounts and fair prices "Todo por Amor, Todo con Amor en Victorias y Esperanzas", is part of the economic support and promotion carried out by the government of President Daniel Ortega in the 8 capital markets, which is based on communication direct between merchants and municipal authorities, for the benefit of the common good of consumers.

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