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Calles para el Pueblo builds 11 new blocks in the community of María Mora


The 2,000 inhabitants of the María Mora community in the Nejapa region of District III, celebrated with a cultural gala, the inauguration of its 11 blocks of new streets lined with asphalt, through the Program Streets for the People.

The project directly benefits 480 families who for more than 40 years had waited for these streets.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, upon delivering the new road work to the beneficiaries, reiterated once again the commitment to continue transforming the lives of families that still live in vulnerable situations.

“Today we are celebrating that the families of this community will no longer be cut off every time it rains, by building a new street it improves the quality of life, and for our government headed by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, the regions are a priority, only this government has been guaranteeing projects every year, today there are 11 blocks and last year we delivered 12 blocks here in Nejapa ”, stated Rueda.

The protagonist Patricia Cortez was born in this community and she, together with all the benefited families, thank the Good Government for making the dream of a lifetime come true.

“We feel happy, because these streets, in addition to guaranteeing better conditions for road traffic, eliminate a critical point, since every time it rained at least 80 homes were flooded, they imagine the happiness of these families that from now on they're going to sleep soundly, ”Cortez said.

The project has an investment of 5 million 174 thousand córdobas, with these streets the program achieves an advance of 54 percent, with 447 blocks completed.

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