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The eliminatory stage begins in the Canoeing discipline


As a follow-up to the sports activities of the Managua 2021 Youth Games, the Municipality started the competition for the boating discipline, with the first elimination stage of ergonometers or rowing machines, which is a machine to simulate the action of rowing , for the purpose of exercising or training for rowing.

In this sports discipline, approximately 60 athletes in the male and female branch will participate, who will have prior training that will be provided by high-performance athletes, two greatest exponents of Nicaraguan sport Evidelia González and Félix Damián Potoy, both will be competing in the Games Tokyo Olympics in July.

"The ergometers have a digital screen in which they show various measurements such as: time (it can be countdown or normal, in time intervals ...), distance (time intervals, distance decreasing or increasing ...), a measurement of the time or the meters that will be carried out if it continues as at that time, the cadence of strokes per minute, the power developed in watts, the work carried out in calories, the heart rate ”, said the Deputy Mayor of Managua, colleague Enrique Armas Rosales.

The municipal authorities announced that the athletes who participated on the afternoon of this Friday, June 11, will be looking for their pass to the grand final that will take place in October of this year, where medals and effective prizes will be given to the winners in the various modalities of the ergometer.

"For us it is the first time that we are participating in this discipline that is not very common, but we came to win," said one of the athletes who will participate in this sport, Reymon David Aburto.

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