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Residents of Waspán Sur receive 9 blocks of paved streets


In an atmosphere of celebration, in family and community, municipal authorities inaugurated this Thursday, June 10, the asphalt coating of 9 blocks of streets, in the sectors known as Rieles Arriba and Rieles Abajo, improving the living conditions of more than 1 thousand families of these communities of District VI of the capital.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, highlighted that this sector of the Capital was a vulnerable point in the winter season.

“When we did those tours here, Rieles Arriba, Rieles Abajo and throughout the neighborhood and here we came to accompany each of the families, how it flooded, here it was impassable, neither by vehicle, nor on foot and we do not say so as servants, but rather the families who have lived in this area for years, "said Rueda.

Blanca Estela González, a resident of the neighborhood, affirmed that thanks to the Good Government of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, today they enjoy better conditions, “I am very happy today, all the families, because we are seeing that the Mayor's Office of Managua fulfilled the promise, in a tour that Mr. Fidel Moreno made. And very real what our Mayor of Managua said, that here when it rained there were huge puddles, but this winter we will be more protected; we will not have problems with our houses being flooded and our belongings damaged ”.

This work for the common good had an investment amount of 6 million córdobas and was executed through the Streets for the People 2021 Program.

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