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Riverbed lining in Sabana Grande is 82 percent complete


The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua executes the third stage of lining the Sabana Grande riverbed, located in Sub-basin III of the capital, being one of the most important drainage works that have been carried out.

The project has an investment of 10 million córdobas, is 82 percent complete and will be completed in a month, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the drainage work that directly benefits 1 1,500 families.

The stabilization of the channel is a priority for the Municipality, because it runs parallel to Villa Dignity, the three stages of the Monte Nebo urbanization and the community known as Las Maravillas.

Moreno pointed out that in this same area, the Mayor's Office of Managua in the last 10 years has made significant investments in lining the 31 de Diciembre, El Borbollón and Sabana Grande channels.

"At this stage, 90 meters are being covered, once the work is completed it will allow to continue connecting drainage systems in the area and be able to ensure that the waters do not cause floods of any kind," Moreno stressed.

At the same time, he reported that of the 85 drainage projects planned for this year, those with an investment of 534 million córdobas, 83 are under execution.

“It is one of the years in which we have almost completed our investment plan in the first semester, in draining 85 projects, 83 are under development, which means 87 percent progress and the two that are needed will be carried out in the month of November once the rains end ”.

In the first three stages of construction of the Sabana Grande riverbed, 241 meters have been stabilized in two sections of the same riverbed and a fourth phase will be carried out next year.

The municipal official confirmed that the special winter cleaning plan, which attends to all lined and unlined waterways, gutters and micro-dams is 100 percent ready.

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