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Capital authorities supervise work of the Common Good


As part of the mitigation works carried out by the Municipality through the Annual Investment Plan 2021, with the aim of reducing and eliminating critical points due to flooding or landslides, the paving with hydraulic concrete is carried out, 4 blocks of road in the San José de la Cañada district, in District III. 

The execution of the work was supervised by the Secretary General, Compañero Fidel Moreno Briones, who expressed the importance of carrying out this project, which guarantees the safety and well-being of the families; because in this community in the rainy season it is a very vulnerable area.

Likewise, Moreno explained that in this sector the slopes were very high and eroded very easily, which is why the project began by filling the road notoriously, then the slopes that exceeded 30 degrees were reduced and caused inaccessibility to the community.

The road improvement and storm drainage work has an investment of more than 7.7 million córdobas and was carried out in the sector known as “Pata de Pollo”, being this point one of the most vulnerable in this district of District III and carries a global advance 75%, the main work is completed, additional works are currently being worked on.

Likewise, he shared that the execution of a second and third stage of this same project is being analyzed, which will benefit families.

Given the onset of winter, the capital authorities affirmed that it is important to complete the main drainage works in the city of Managua, which is why an advance of the 80% is being carried out, as well as the Winter Plan that is advancing in a 99%.

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