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Fresh products at good prices in the capital markets


This Saturday, June 5, from the Leonel Gutiérrez market popularly known as the Virgen de Candelaria market, the merchants of Managua announced discounts on all their products as part of the Father's Day celebrations.

These discounts were announced in a tour of this shopping center, by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who invited families to buy fresh products at the best prices, where merchants and the Corporación Municipal de Mercados de Managua (COMMEMA), guarantee a clean and safe environment.  

He also highlighted the efforts made by the Municipality to provide better conditions to merchants and buyers, such as the works carried out in previous years, in which a large part of the roof was changed and maintenance works are currently being carried out with the general painting and the waste collection area.

The merchant of Nelly Castillo Valle, announced that from June 19 to 23 they will have a discount fair in this market to celebrate dad.   

This is one of the oldest municipal markets in the capital, founded in 1967 and is located on a ¼ of a block, which houses 195 commercial sections, between fixed and occasional; among which clothing and footwear, basic grains, dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables are sold; in addition, the traditional steam, which is a reference in Managua.

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