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Municipal markets guarantee offers and discounts on all their products


The merchants of the 8 municipal markets of Managua announced discounts and great offers throughout the month of June, for which they invited Nicaraguan families to visit them and buy their products in these popular shopping centers. 

This announcement was made known, from the Iván Montenegro market, in the regular visit made by the building authorities, in compliance with the model of Citizen Power and Direct Democracy, which promotes Good Government.

The merchants, together with their colleague Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, toured the store, clothing and footwear area promoting the offers for their father's gift, as well as for those who still have their mother's gift pending.

"This market has entered a period of modernization, it is good to note that there are excellent programs and magnificent designs to continue expanding and improving the amenities of this market by 2022, which will bring more convenience to buyers," said Armas.

For her part, Isabel Correa Blandón, Market Manager Iván Montenegro, stressed that the works will not only benefit merchants, but also buyers who will be able to enjoy safer and more orderly facilities.

"We have progress in the construction of new sections that will benefit colleagues who are established in the Sabana Grande parking lots, the construction of a garbage collection, which will serve the sections of the dairy sector," explained Correa.

The Iván Montenegro market is a commercial center that houses 2 thousand 144 sections, between fixed and temporary, thus guaranteeing the generation of direct jobs for a large number of Nicaraguan families.

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