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New and comfortable house for family in the Nueva Sabana Grande neighborhood


Patricia Calero was very happy when she received the keys to her new home, located in the Nueva Sabana Grande neighborhood, in District VII of Managua, where she will live safely and quietly with her family, made up of 8 adults and 4 children.

The 64-year-old beneficiary is the head of the household and reported that for more than 15 years she lived in a house built of zinc and boards; But with the passage of time, the rains and the moths, the house deteriorated and the lack of resources prevented him from rebuilding it.

“I thank God that I will have a good roof to live with my family. I feel joyful, calm, happy. First of all, I thank God because he has granted me my little house through Commander Daniel Ortega and the companions who have supported me. My old house was falling down, but I achieved victory with the new house that the President has given me today. I ask God to continue blessing him, ”said the protagonist.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas affirmed that the Good Government, with the unconditional support of China (Taiwan), completely rebuilt the house of Patricia Calero and that in the same way that the protagonist benefited, this program of love and solidarity, It will continue to bring joy to more families who, due to different circumstances, lose their home, but thanks to the Sandinista government model, in a few days, they receive it totally new.

He explained that this emblematic program has improved the housing infrastructure of 17 families in this neighborhood alone, including the beneficiary.

For his part, the Minister Counselor of the Taiwanese diplomatic mission, Mr. Iván Lo, expressed his satisfaction in bringing well-being to families living in humble conditions and ratified once again that the Government of Taiwan will continue supporting social projects that transform the lives of who really need it.

The municipal authorities highlighted that in addition to the Dignified Housing Program, more progress works have been carried out for families in this sector, such as the Road Improvement Project through Streets for the People in 12 blocks (1.4 kilometers), through double asphalt treatment , which benefited the inhabitants of the Comandante Aureliano and Nueva Sabana Grande neighborhood; This work connects both neighborhoods with the main street that leads to the route 168 terminal.

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