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On the eve of Mother's Day, the capital city opens its dignified house


With three days remaining to celebrate the Nicaraguan Mother, the Dignified Housing Program transformed the life of Irma Rosa Úbeda Obando and her entire family, who live in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood of District VI of the Capital.

The protagonist is 45 years old, is the mother of 5 children and works on her own, making tortillas for 20 years and states that for more than 15 years she had the dream of having a safe house where she could shelter and live in harmony.

“I am happy, I feel good to be blessed with this house. The conditions he had were very bad, but now things have changed thanks to God, the government and Taiwan. A great gift for Mother's Day, I saved to buy materials but could not do it, I sell tortillas and my partner is a bricklayer's assistant and it was difficult for us to improve the house, I remember that we bought wood and it could be done in a short time, But now we are not going to get wet, ”said the beneficiary upon receiving the keys to her home.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained that restoring vulnerable families the right to decent housing is and will be a priority of the revolutionary government led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo.

“Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario have taken on the task of attending to families in their demands and needs, only those who do not have needs cannot understand the value of a safe house, there are hundreds of families who have been transforming their lives. Thanks to the political will of our Government and the unconditional support of China (Taiwan), each year through our Annual Investment Plan we serve the road network, storm drainage and only in this district, we have 46 million córdobas in 21 projects ”.

For his part, His Excellency the Ambassador of Taiwan, Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, expressed his satisfaction at delivering on the eve of Mother's Day a house to a mother who lived in precarious conditions, “today her dream has come true. We are pleased to accompany this effort to make happy a family that receives their home, we have accompanied the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity in many social projects and dignified houses is a very exciting project for us, because it brings happiness and well-being to the protagonists " .

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