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Beautiful horizon with 12 paved blocks


A dream come true was for the families of Bello Horizonte in District IV of Managua, the paving of 12 blocks of new streets that were in poor condition, through the emblematic Calles Para el Pueblo Program.

This project to restore rights had an investment of 3 million 455 thousand córdobas and benefits 2,800 inhabitants of this part of the Capital.

“The dream came true for the 467 families in this sector, we are delivering 12 new streets in the form of re-inspection that were previously in poor condition, thanks to the restitution of rights promoted by the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and the Vice President Compañera Rosario ”, expressed the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda.

Similarly, the Rueda announced that for this year 2021, District IV, the Municipality will serve with a budget of 29 million cordobas, of which 12 million cordobas are for Calles para el Pueblo.

The protagonist Yelba Pineda, said she was happy to see a dream come true, "they have changed the face of Bello Horizonte, before the streets were with holes, but thanks to our Good Government we have beautiful streets," she commented.

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