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Municipality executes third stage of lining in the Germán Pomares riverbed


The Mayor's Office of Managua executes the third stage of the lining in the riverbed of the Germán Pomares neighborhood, in District V, the works are 50 percent complete and benefit 3,893 protagonists, as announced by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the works carried out before pouring the concrete in the first 45 meters of the bottom slab of the riverbed.

Moreno explained that the Municipality has been following up on this project for three years, because it eliminates one of the critical points in Managua. Among the scopes is the covering of almost 100 meters in length with concrete, which comes to benefit more than 600 families who live in the surroundings.

The drainage work is carried out through the Annual Investment Plan planned for this year and is part of a portfolio of 85 storm drainage projects.

“We have been building for two years this channel that crosses the entire Germán Pomares neighborhood and is located in one of the critical points of the city of Managua, in this channel we had two risk points, one was already eliminated with the first stage and when When we finish the third stage, the other one will be eliminated. We are visiting the families to listen to their demands and evaluate the progress of the project ”, informed the Secretary General.

Moreno explained that the project has an investment that exceeds 3 million córdobas and will be completed in the next 30 days, before the strong winter begins.

In recent years, in the Germán Pomares neighborhood, the Capital Commune has developed nine road improvement and stormwater drainage projects and 36 solidarity houses have been built, exceeding 27 million investment cordobas in the last 11 years.

“With this project, almost 100 meters of gutters will be built to lead the water to a main drainage system that we built in the FANABASA channel in 2012, which is the main collector of District V, with this work it will benefit the 600 families that live in the surroundings ”, concluded Moreno.

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