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Three families happily welcome their new homes in the Santo Domingo neighborhood


In immediate and timely attention, the Good Government built 3 decent homes for the same number of families in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, who were left out in the open after a fire that occurred last Tuesday, March 30, which burned their houses.

The delivery ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere, with piñatas and cultural activities and the presence of the neighbors, who gathered in front of these houses, to celebrate together with the main families this restitution of rights, which was made possible, to through the Municipality and the unconditional solidarity of Taiwan.

The keys to these homes were given to the main families by the Deputy Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas and Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, Ambassador of China (Taiwan) in Nicaragua, who were very happy to be able to help the three families who are very happy and grateful.

“Thanks to that friendly hand, to that generosity of the government of Commander Daniely and the brothers of Taiwan, to that effort of Commander Daniel to always support all Nicaraguans; Those three families, who a few days ago were crying over the burning of their homes, today are opening houses ”, highlighted the mayor of the capital Enrique Armas.

For his part, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu said he was very pleased to accompany these efforts, to bring immediate help to humble and needy families, "we are happy to be sharing this joy today," he said. the diplomat.

Iveth Gómez, is the protagonist of one of the houses and said that the help was immediate, “the same day of the fire they gave us an answer and told us not to worry, because we would have our house again and now they see it here. I feel happy and very grateful ”, said the beneficiary very emotionally.

 In the same way, Messrs. José Francisco Pérez and Mrs. Petrona del Socorro Alemán, who also had their homes built, as part of the support provided by the Good Government from the outset, through the organized community.

The municipal authorities reported that with the delivery of three houses, the Good Government has built 25 decent houses in this capital neighborhood.

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