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UNAN-Managua host of the National Rugby Championship 7


With the participation of 8 teams, 6 male and 2 female, from different departments of the country, the National Rugby Championship 7 was held, which took place at the Los Chilamates sports field of UNAN-Managua.

The championship was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed the commitment of Good Government to the different sports disciplines and highlighted that Rugby is a practice that has developed in recent years and has achieved good results.

Rugby is a contact sport, in which players try to carry an oval ball beyond a goal line of the opposing team or to pass it through the goal; The team that scores the most points in the minutes that the match lasts, divided into two equal parts, wins.

This sporting activity was coordinated by the Municipality, to guarantee healthy recreation and the integral development of the new generations and had the participation of teams representing the departments of León, Managua, Rivas and Chinandega.

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