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Amistad Taiwan-Nicaragua Community Park brings fun to residents of the Rigoberto López Pérez neighborhood


In an atmosphere of peace and festivity, municipal authorities inaugurated the rehabilitation of the Amistad Taiwan-Nicaragua community park, located in the Rigoberto López Pérez neighborhood of District IV of Managua.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, announced that this work for the common good had an investment of more than 1 million córdobas and directly benefits 14 thousand inhabitants of the neighborhoods Rigoberto López Pérez, Oscar Turcios, San José Oriental and Enrique Smith, who now have a completely renovated space.

Likewise, he informed that for this year 2021, the Municipality will work on the maintenance and removal of 228 community parks, which will be first-rate recreational spaces, "guaranteeing the best for our people," said Mayor Rueda, detailing that so far 200 parks already have access to Wi-Fi.

“We are very happy with these advances, before there were no spaces for family recreation, today we can be proud of the advance of all that restitution of rights, it is a right that the people had and that had been curtailed, however, with our Good Government, it is a priority of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, to attend to the demands and concerns of the families and to work together ”, said the mayor of the capital.

Similarly, he explained that the rehabilitation of this park is part of the efforts in this first quarter of the year, in which 20 recreation and leisure spaces were rehabilitated, with an investment of 10 million cordobas.

William Hernández, protagonist of this work of progress, expressed his gratitude to the municipal authorities for the work carried out, "it is a gesture of love that brings smiles and joys to the smallest of our homes," he stressed.

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