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They present a short film of national production "En la misma lleca"


This Wednesday, April 14, the presentation of the short film “En la misma lleca” was held, an 11-minute production by Uña Films and the actors of the theatrical group Cara o Sol, as part of the promotion and development of art and culture, which promotes Good Governance, through the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua in coordination with the National Cinematheque.

The director and producer of the filmographic work was the young Joel Sánchez Sandino, who said he felt very excited and happy with this production that is now possible thanks to the support that the Good Government provides to art; He also explained that the message of this short film is redemption, he explained that “despite the paths that may have been taken or that you are forced to take, no matter how difficult they are, there is always a way out and above all, there is always the possibility to feel accompanied and to find in some way a different path ”.

He also announced that the short film was filmed and produced by 3 young graduates of the superior technician in audiovisual production for film and television, which is taught by the National Cinematheque, to create new talents.

The presentation was attended by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who said that from the Mayor's Offices of the Citizen Power, support is allocated to the promotion of these human development activities, which is reflected in the different activities and projects , like this production of young talent and a cinematographic trend from urban culture.

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