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Nueva Vivienda Digna brings hope and security to a family that lost everything after a fire


The solidarity and brotherhood between the governments of China (Taiwan) and Nicaragua made possible the construction of the new home of Patricia Fresby, who on March 22 lost everything due to a fire, which reduced all her property to ashes. .

The Good Government provided immediate and timely attention to this humble family from the beginning, through the accompaniment of the organized community, until the delivery of the built house.

This new dignified home was delivered in Villa Dignidad, in an atmosphere of community and brotherhood, where the families of the sector celebrated the joy of Patricia Fresby, who received her completely new home, 3 weeks after the fire that left her homeless and practically out in the open.

The new house was handed over to the main family, by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, Ambassador of Taiwan in Nicaragua, who expressed his satisfaction with this project and said he was “happy to see the result of our solidarity and also the efficiency of the Mayor's Office, which in such a short time gave attention to the affected family ”.

For her part, the protagonist said she was happy with her newly built house and very grateful to God, to the Sandinista government and to the support of the community, who had been with her from the day the accident occurred.

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