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Municipal markets offer solidarity prices on all their products


With much enthusiasm, merchants in the populous Israel Lewites market announced permanent discounts and promotions on all consumer staples and summer items, as well as ensuring that they are preparing for the May festivities, which is celebrated on May Day. the Nicaraguan Mothers.

"The market still continues with summer promotions, but we are preparing because Mother's Day is approaching, some sections, some merchants are already beginning to offer some products for these festivities, we invite families to accompany our merchants and buy With all confidence, the market apart from its security, has teams of operators, who are in charge of cleaning all day, ”said Mangua Council Secretary, Partner Jennifer Porras López, on her tour of this shopping center.

The Merchant Marlon Zepeda of Calzados Laleska, offers 20 percent discounts on sneakers and sports shoes, for children and adults, as well as sandals and high heels for women.

Likewise, in the Calzados Los Lazos store, accessible prices and quality products are advertised to acquire the gift of mom from now on, "we are waiting for you to give you the best offers, we have beautiful styles in shoes and sandals for the mother, the wife , Grandma, from 200 cordobas the most favorable, the prices are within reach of the pocket of Nicaraguans, here no customer leaves without their shoes ", stressed the merchant Sugey Morales.

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