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Municipality pays tribute to the 202 Anniversary of the Foundation of the Leal Villa de Santiago de Managua

This Saturday, March 27, the Mayor's Office of Managua paid tribute to the 202 anniversary of the founding of the Leal Villa de Santiago de Managua, with the show "Managua en el Recuerdo Huellas y Memorias".

Camerata Bach, Jazz Ta, Ballet de Nicaragua and the Trío Sinceridad participated in the tribute to the Bride of Xolotlán. At the same time, that the artists came together to pay tribute to the Capital, they presented an artistic gala before a thousand spectators who attended the Plaza de la Revolución, that night the managuas enjoyed the most select of our national folklore, the music of the most representative composers of Managua and a video that summarized the history of the Capital from the time of the indigenous people until today, this new format of making video is called mapping, which was projected on the front of the National Palace of Culture .

Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, announced that with the collaboration of a group of people, they gave this wonderful show.

“Today we have prepared a surprise for everyone with the show Managua en el Recuerdo, Las Huellas y Memorias, with the mapping we will be able to see the changes and transformations that our city has had. I would like to begin by saying that Managua is in the light, before it was a dark city, a gray city, it did not have those recreation and leisure centers that it has now, it is thanks to the political will of our Government, to create these spaces for families , for the enjoyment and enjoyment and we, today, celebrate the 202 years of anniversary sharing this artistic gala, today Managua has a human face and love, "said the mayor of the capital.

Rueda said that the wonderful transformations of Managua can be seen and told, from the point of view of infrastructure, as well as from the human face, faces of love that Managua has, starting with the construction of Paseo Xolotlán and the model of old Managua, before the 1972 earthquake.

Ramón Rodríguez, director of the Rubén Darío National Theater (TNRD), was very happy to celebrate the anniversary of the Leal Villa de Managua.

“It is the first time that we do this with funds from the National Palace and we want to thank comrade Fidel Moreno, comrade Meyling from Public Relations of the Mayor's Office of Managua, who have been working with us to offer the people of Managua this opportunity that for the first time Sometimes we do a mapping as big as the size of the Palace ”.

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