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Managua schools participate in the Second Tennis Tournament

This Thursday, March 25, the Municipality organized the final of the second school table tennis tournament in the municipality of Managua, at the Rigoberto López Pérez school, in which 10 schools in the Capital participated. In this tournament the champion and runner-up of the municipality was chosen.

For two years the Commune has had 10 ping pong instructors, one for each school, which is part of the sport promotion program promoted by Good Government.

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, formed a table tennis academy two years ago and in this there are a little more than 120 young people enrolled.

Among the schools that participated in the tournament are; Ramirez Goyena, Maestro Gabriel, Experimental México, Rigoberto López Pérez, Villa Libertad, Melania Morales and Carlos Blass, among others.

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