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Municipality celebrates 202 years since the declaration of the Leal Villa de Managua

With an emotional concert, the capital families celebrated this Wednesday, March 24, the 202 years of having received the title of Leal Villa de Managua by King Fernando VII, this first title made the small fishing village, 33 years later, become the Capital of the Republic of Nicaragua, in 1852.

The presentation was organized by the Municipality's Directorate of Historical Heritage, with the participation of the Carlos Fonseca Amador de la Comuna Choir and with the presentation of the 9 winners of the V Contest Memories of my Neighborhood, version 2020-202.

"We want to congratulate the winners of this contest, each one of them will receive a prize of 10 thousand córdobas, that enormous effort of you has helped us to build the history of our neighborhoods in the capital city," commented Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales , Vice Mayor of Managua.

More than 20 citizens from different neighborhoods participated in this contest, but only 9 managed to receive this award certification and also the printing of their books on the nine neighborhoods.

In total, there are 38 neighborhoods that have been published before the award, including regions and markets of Managua. Now, there are 47 neighborhoods, regions and markets on the Digital Library list, and in July these nine new neighborhoods will be published in print: Tierra Prometida, Camilo Ortega, the USSR, Niños Mártires de Ayapal, Enrique Gutiérrez, René Cisneros, Vanegas , Edgar Munguía “La Gata”, the Nejapa region and a study on the historical background of the Managua neighborhoods.

One of the winners of the Lubia Gámez contest, felt very grateful for this contest, "I'm really happy to participate, because it helped us to know more about our Capital, we put all our effort to win a prize."

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