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Comprehensive project in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood includes pipes with greater storm drainage

The Mayor's Office of the Managua Citizen Power, began the works of a comprehensive project in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood of District V, through the Annual Investment Plan, the project is made up of three components; storm drainage, road improvement, water and sanitation.

This project will benefit more than 3,000 inhabitants, the work has an investment of a little more than 11 million córdobas in drainage and sanitation, while in the road component it will have an investment of 6 million córdobas, in total the project will invest 17 million cordobas, benefiting 547 families directly, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the expansion and stabilization works of the channel.

Moreno, explained that in the pluvial drainage component, 372 linear meters of 72-inch drainage pipe will be installed, the largest they build for drainage, parallel to this, the connection of 100 percent of families to the system is being completed. neighborhood sanitary drainage and a third component "Streets for the People" will build 22 new blocks of road network in the neighborhood.

He also explained that in recent years the Municipality has made an investment that exceeds 50 million córdobas in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood, in 5 projects for drinking water, sanitary sewerage, storm drainage and road improvement.

“We have done five projects and one of those works has been the entire sanitation system, this neighborhood did not have a storm drainage system, nor a sanitation and sewage system, that is why a project was developed in three stages that have concluded this year, which included an annex in the third stage of the neighborhood, providing families with drinking water and a sanitary system, ”Moreno reported.

The population of the neighborhood requested from the authorities of the Commune, training to make good use of the sanitary drainage and thus prevent the residents from dumping garbage and solid waste in the drainage.

The Secretary General explained to the residents that the Municipality is developing a comprehensive project that includes the work of building a large drainage system, “we are going to place 72-inch pipes and they are one of the largest pipes manufactured in Managua. install 172 meters of that pipeline and we are also going to build an open canal, which will allow us to complete more than 200 meters of storm drainage and thus improve the drainage conditions in the area ”.

At the same time, he said that other works are being worked on, "we are also connecting a segment of the neighborhood to the sanitary system and with this we would be covering 100 percent of the houses in this neighborhood connected to the sanitary sewer system," Moreno added.

Once the drainage and sanitation works have been completed, the commune will carry out a Calles para el Pueblo project, where 22 new blocks will be built, thus completing an investment that will exceed 17 million cordobas in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood.

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